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Free Frag Friday

John Maloney

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Any orders that say "Free Frag Friday" or something to that effect in the comments field will receive a free frag of some sort if you select the Friday Shipment/Saturday Delivery service.

Catches: (a ton here, some of you are creative but I think we got all bases :) )

Free frag will be of "some sort", something easy to keep, moderate lighting will be fine. Expect gorgs for the next week or so, then the zoas, etc... promo runs until no more supply, this thread will be updated then to reflect that.

No pictures. No WYSIWYG, etc... I am lazy about pictures, I can't even describe how lazy I am about pictures.

Frags might need to be glued. Gorgs will need to be, glue the scored part. Gorgs shed, (most of mine do at least) - normal quick process, will likely occur during shipping or transplanting or to fend off cyano.

Please don't order for the frag, that would be crazy. We do CUCs, try one of the coral sponsors for that. Think of the frag as an extra bonus or an opportunity to try your hand at gluing a gorgonian etc...Can get a free macro instead if you would prefer.

We don't always have a Friday shipment, but if we don't have one for a particular week it will be clearly displayed under our logo on the homepage, or on the bottom right hand side of every other page on the site.

No switching the promo to other days, unless it is our fault, or we change it etc...

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