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New 90g build


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As mentioned I will be starting up my 90g and would like some input from experienced reefers. The tank will be visible from all 4 sides and it will be used to divide our breakfast nook from living room, though I am considering having one short end boxed in to run wires and other things to the canopy.

I have been looking at the Aqueon 90g at RCA with center overflow. The price is great and will be even better this Sat. with the Carlos B-Day sale. However, I've heard that center overflows can be problematic from both flow and aqua-scaping points of view. Does anyone have experience with the central overflow who can list pros/cons?

I plan to use a 30g tank for a sump/fuge and get the plumbing kit from RCA.

I have a custom stand and will be building a canopy as well, so my next questions will be about lighting.

Also, my current 29g is a fairly simple setup, so I would appreciate it if you can help me complete my shopping list. Since the tank will be all-sides, I don't want anything as a hang-on.

- live sand (not sure what size grain to go with, but I prefer a shallow sand bed)

- live rock and dry rock from Prof

- skimmer

- pieces of glass for dividers in the sump

- lights (T5's or MH?)

- ATO (probably another autotopoff.com kit)

I love the softies and LPS, but figure that I will keep some of the easier SPS near the top of the tank, softies and acans in middle to bottom. I would love to be able to eventually have a clam.

Thanks for your comments...

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gonna need atleast 4 powerheads i reco a mag 7 or 9 for return i have the 7 and im getting good flow from my return. i bought the redsea wavemaster and 4 maxijet 1200s i have the center overflow in my 90 and i like the flow i get from it. i used the med to fine grade sand from prof 25 a bag is pretty good and it was super clean and ready to go out of the bag 1 bag gave me pretty good sand bed about 2 inches manybe 2 1/2 . for lights im using 4 t5s and 250w Mhs im changing 2 of the t5 bulbs to reef white as i have to much blue. i havnt set up my fuge yet but from what i read its great to have on a larger tank. i have had people tell me that a phos reactor is a very good addition i copied reef_pug and am running carbon and phos in mine i have the 2 little fishies one.

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I don't have experience with central overflow, but can offer a solution for your wires.

If you want to avoid having wires on the side of your tank and can spend a little more $$ up front there is another solution you might consider. You can have an extra hole drilled to run the wires to your lights/canopy. You would then use something like pvc or something more aesthetically pleasing to run the wires through. The pipe would ideally be minimum of 2~3 inches above the water line. The wires have minimal contact with saltwater and are hidden. I would highly adivse a drip loop and GCFI outlet as evaporated water could drip down the cords. Assuming the stand this is where timers/surge protectors will be.

I initially though about going this route and was talking with Jake about doing this, but then had some recession issues and decided to go a cheaper way. You can get an idea of what this might look at if you go to RCA. They have a fresh water tank to the right when you walk in with PVC pipe coming up from the bottom. Unless you look for them you don't really notice the PVC.

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