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Price Reduction DUAL 250w 48" fixture


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Hamilton technology 250w dual 4 ft deluxe hood,check out link for description its the 4th one down.Originally asking $250.now asking $200.Original price for this thing is over $500 close to $600. I live in Killeen Tx. but will be traveling to Austin this Saturday so if you want it i can bring it ,Also check out my other for sale post i can bring them to.This thing is big has two 4" fans on each side and each side has its own plug there is also a custom antic light mounted in the middle that gives of a great moon light effect at night .Help me out i need this thing gone ASAP no room for it! Will trade for SPS Corals also just let me know what you may have.



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I also have a euro reef and asm both with sedra 3500 pumps.ASM in-sump skimmers are constructed of extruded PVC tubing and injection molded plastic.

ASM protein Skimmers use needle wheel design on a Sedra pump for to create a finer bubble for highly effective skimming action!

Easy to use! Just set it in the sump, plug it in and adjust the outlet tube!

ASM G 2 Protein Skimmer Specifications:

- Gallon Rating: up to 200 gal.

- Pump: 1 x Sedra 3500

- Reaction Chamber Diameter: 6.5"

- Footpring: 10" x 11"

- Height: 21.25"

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