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Tearing down my 55gal and the following are up for grabs.

1.Hamilton technology 250w dual 4 ft deluxe hood,check out link for description its the 4th one down.asking $250.



2. 2 Bak-pack hob skimmers one is the reef ready model and the other is the normal one with the added baffle to make reef ready.Asking $40each



3. 55 Gal tank Stand and Canopy will have to upload pics later if intrested the canopy and stand are pine i believe and are made of solid wood no particle board.asking $150 for all tank,stand canopy.

4. 2 unknown name brand overflows asking $30 each. they have a lot of Corline growing on them.

5. 1 1/2 Buckets of live sand free just need two replacement 5 gal buckets or cash 2 replace them.http://www.premiumaquatics.com/cpr/BakPak-1-large.jpgi use the buckets for my water changes. <_<

Will aslo trade for LPS OR SPS .

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