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giant green mushrooms


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I'm thinning out my tank so I need to sell these giant green mushrooms. There are 3 of them on the piece of branching LR and will expand to over 3". Don't worry, they won't eat your fish but they will add a splash of green to your tank.

This piece was my first piece of coral that I ever got and it has been a very easy keeper. Its been through 5 different tanks and still is healthy. Just put it in your tank and let it go. A great piece for people just starting with corals.

$40 OBO



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Hey man, you can put me on the list. Off to St. Thomas tomorrow though. Can't wait to do some diving!!!

Have fun and take lots of pics! And if you aren't taking an underwater cam with you, you can rent one for about $40/day. Worth every penny.

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