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Frag Overload

Chad and Belinda

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We will be doing some fragging today. We have the following items:

watermelon zoanthids 10+ polyps $20 per frag

upon request - tubs blue zoanthids $5 per polyp (4 polyp minimum)

upon request - Orange Bam Bams - $3 per polyp (5 polyp minimum)

Tyree's tri color acro $15 per frag

blue zoas $20 per frag

Meteor shower cyphastrea $25

green palys $2 per paly

green birds nets $15 per frag

green mushroom $5

1/4" tiny frag of superman monti $5

1/4" tiny frag sunset monti $5

gorilla nipple zoanthids $3 per polyp (5 polyp minimum)

purple / blue mushrooms $25 for 5 mushrooms

Assorted acros...too much to list or picture. Come by and take a look...never know what you'll find.

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