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75 Gallon tank/Stand


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Hello all, I have a 75 gl set up I need gone.

75 gallon not drilled/with overflow

Stand and hood (the hood's top is actually cardboard painted black) dont really see it but thats what it is.

DIY sump/filtration

Eheim canister filter

2 Coralife 48" light strips (1 of 4 bulbs working and is new)

2 new in the box 54 W T5 HO bulbs in boxes.

1 single bulb light strip with a older blue actinic bulb.

Have a couple of these older Tunze power heads that work well but the brackets are broken.

New Pondmaster 550 pump

$200 or best offer.

I also have a 125 gl tank (not drilled) with overflow and trickle filter (no stand) that I will be posting soon.

I'm in Temple, just let me know if anybody is interested.





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Guys I went to pick up some stuff from Wes today, and got a chance to see this tank. It is in very good shape and the stand is well built. The canopy is wood also, but needs a wood top. He is almost giving this away and it would be a great tank for someone. The doors could be painted to match the stand, and it would look great!

Thanks again Wes!


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Kacey for what I saw at his house there were no reflectors or ballast. He had a couple of the GLO 18k bulbs and a few of the Current T5 non HO fixtures like the one you got from me. These I believe were all 48" bulbs and fixtures.


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Thanks Dustin and sorry about that powerhead! Thanks for the replies from everyone but I did sell it all this afternoon.

Thanks Leroy and nice to meet you and your friends! Wes

Is the tank, hood and stand still available? :)
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