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live rock


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Ok, from the pictures you can see that I have a boatload of live rock crammed into 2-10 gallon tanks. I took the live rock out of the first tank and weighed it 30 lbs. and the rock in the 2nd tank weighs at least that much, probably more. Some of the rock has some good purple to it. So I have 60 lbs of live rock. I would like to sell it for $3/lb, but if you want all of it, I would give it to you for $120.




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I'm new to this whole reef tank thing, and am in the "add more live rock" phase (to my existing established 15-20 pounds + 4" sand bed). How much of your live rock would you estimate is limestone, if any? Is most of it coral-based, etc...?


Also, I've read differing opinions about adding limestone to a reef tank. Anybody have an solid thoughts one way or another? Isn't calcium good for corals?

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