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Fragging some...


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The heads will be fairly large... I just came to a realization that the heads range in size.

Edited price(s).

Large heads - $9/head

Medium - $8/head

Small - $6/head (These are not as colorful as the larger).

Here is a better picture where you can see the mouths and the oral disc(s) to determine their sizes.


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A little deal here... I accidently cut off a LARGE 3 head piece, i'll sell it for $25.

Here are a few little packs I could do.

Large heads:

2 heads - $18

3 heads - $25

4 heads: $35

5 heads: $45

6 heads: $52

7 heads: $60

8 heads: $70

9 heads: $80

10 heads+: P.M. me... tongue.gif


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