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I've been checking out http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/ I think I'll be placing an order with them in the next 3-4 weeks. I checked with them about group buys. You can see their response below. They normally charge a flat shipping fee of $36.99 and a $10 box fee. If anyone else is interested, I'll call to see if we can get a break on the shipping or a discount on the overall order. I'm thinking of a delivery date about 6/19 or so if we have enough for a group buy. (May go earlier if I go alone.)

So check it out and let me know if you might be interested. If so, I'll see about making arrangements.


We can certainly do a group buy for your club. This is how we like to

proceed with any group buys:

Each person will call us or place an order on line.

They will indicate that they are with your group and we will pack each item

they order with their name on the bag

I will provide an invoice for each person for their order to be handed out

when they pick up their order.

The shipping cost and box charge will be divided up between the number of

people who are involved in the group buy.

The orders are shipped to one address. We can do the group order about a

week in advance-that way everyone can look over the website and decide what

they want.

I will talk to Becky to see what kind of discount we can give you on any

non-sale items.

Just call me and I will be glad to help get the group order started. We

have a coral sale going on now, so check out our site and decide what you

want to do. Just ask for Beth and I will be glad to help you out.

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 11:58 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:

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Hi, Beth,

I've been checking out your site and I'm considering placing an order. I'm

also a member of the local reef club here in Austin, so I'd like to find

out if y'all do group buys.

Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing, this is what I

consider a group buy:

- each member places his or her own order with you, stating that they are

part of the group buy, and pays you for the order

- you pack up each member's order separately so we don't have to open bags

to divvy up the loot

- you ship all the orders boxed together to one address

- any discounts on shipping and on the price are calculated based on the

total of the group buy.

Whether you do group buys won't affect my decision to place an individual

order with you, but it will affect whether I offer to coordinate a group

buy for the club.

If you're interested in more information, you can visit our forums at


We have a forum specifically for group buys. You can check it out if you'd

like to see what kind of interest group buys generate in our club.

Thanks for any information you can give me.


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Okay, we're on for a group buy at http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/. I talked to Beth. She seems really nice. The order will open June 4 and close June 11. Everything will be shipped to my house (William Cannon and Brodie) to arrive Friday, June 12. If you want to order any limited edition items, you need to order that by Jun 9 because it takes a couple days for them to get those items in. Shipping is a flat rate of $36.99 and there's a $10 box fee. That will be divided up among the people who get in on the order. There's no discount on shipping or on prices, no matter how much we order.

If you want to participate, visit http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.com/ and select your goodies. Place your order on-line or over the phone directly with Pacific East between June 4 and June 11. Tell them you are part of the Austin Reef Club group buy. You will pay them directly.

I will need to know what you ordered and what name you give to Pacific East so I can make sure everyone gets the right bags.

I haven't ordered from these guys before, but I decided to give them a try. It will be interesting to see what kind of quality they offer.

Anything I forgot?


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Okay, the Austin Reef Club group buy at Pacific East Aquaculture is officially opened. However, my sources tell me that if you are ordering corals, you would do best to wait until the specials are posted on Sunday.

This is to be delivered to my house on Friday, June 12. See the original post in this thread for more details and let me know if you have any questions.


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I notice they offer random frag packs like 10 for $99. Anyone interested in splitting some a pack? Figure we flip a coin for first pick, then take turns til they're gone?

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vwmike, the frag packs are what interested me. The 12 packs you can get mushrooms and zoos. (I don't really do anything more difficult than that.) They also have the 20-frag pack, but no mushrooms. I don't want the acropora or the hard corals, but I'm considering the zoa 20 pack. But then I was looking at my tank and wondering where I would possibly *put* 20 new zoas. Even though they are small (says 4-8 polyps), I'd like to give them room to spread out.

All that to say, if you're think a 20 pack of zoas, I'd be willing to split it with you.

Daniel, I totally agree about the shipping and discount. I did ask them about it, but they said they don't offer anything like that because we are not a club they sponsor. I *do* appreciate that they actually handle all the money from a group buy. I'm so grateful that Mark is willing to take care of all that for the Vivid buys, but it's more than I'm willing to do. If Pacific East wasn't willing to handle the money part, I would have just made my purchase quietly on my own.


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Here's the latest info from Pacific East:

Please inform your club for the group buy that starting on Sunday (6/7/09)

we will be offering your club buy one get one free on the wysiwyg frag

page, triple frag page & Aussie frag page as well. You can mix and match the

pages. This sale is for your club only. The lesser price one is the free

one. This is not in conjunction with any other sales or discounts on our

site. Please make sure everyone understands this, and call us if they have

any questions. Don't forget to have them mention that they are with the

Austin Reef Club when they call their order in or they place their order on

line. I also wanted to reiterate that once the orders are in for the group

buy we will split the cost of the box fee as well as the shipping fee

between all the people who participated in the group buy. Usually it is

very minimal.

Doesn't start until tomorrow, but you can look tonight. :thumbsup:


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I haven't ordered from them before, either, so I'm not sure. My guess is that there's some kind of comments box. I'll try to call them tomorrow and get clarification.


I have never ordered from them before. Is there a place on the order form to place that the order is part of ARC?
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The buy one get one free offer is nice of them. Will have to recheck out their site.

Yes, it is. I did give them a link to the forums. I hope they check out the thread on the last group buy from Vivid so they can see what kind of information we all share during and after the group buys. :(

I notice they have quite a few acans and also several kinds of blue zoas. I don't think their prices are eye-popping overall, but the buy one get one could result in some great deals. I also like that most of their stock seems to be aquacultured, which means lower impact on wild reefs and a greater chance that the critters can live happily in captivity.

Personally, I'll probably just get a zoa or a zoa-and-mushroom frag pack to assess the quality of the stock. I'll be interested to see what other people think. In my experience, ordering from unfamiliar on-line retailers can be a hit-and-miss proposition. That's why I tried to be clear upfront that I don't have any experience with these guys. However it goes, it will be good that ARC overall has some basis for deciding if this is a retailer people want to give their business to.


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I notice they offer random frag packs like 10 for $99. Anyone interested in splitting some a pack? Figure we flip a coin for first pick, then take turns til they're gone?


I'm thinking of doing the 12 they-pick-them frags for $99. I'm interested only in zoas and mushrooms, but if you wanted to split a frag pack and get some acros or hard corals, we could do that. You'd have to take the acros or hard corals, though. I don't have the lighting to give them a chance to thrive.

Let me know.


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Here's the latest from Pacific East about where to put the group buy info:

Yes, if you order on line, there is a special instructions area on the order

form. Just indicate there that you are part of the group buy. Please

indicate your group name and we will call you back to confirm your order and

requests. Also, please let everyone know that we would like to have 2 phone

numbers in case we need to reach the individual for any reason

whatsoever!!!!! I can't stress that enough!! A home phone, or work phone,

or a cell phone, or all 3. Hiope this helps you out. Thanks again!

I'll be putting in my order this evening, so I'll be able to speak from personal experience then.

Sorry for the confusion, everyone.


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I finally got around to placing my order. When you're checking out, there is a place for special instructions. Would be kind of hard to miss.

Remember the order will close Thursday at lunchtime Eastern time. For LE items, you need to order by Wednesday lunchtime.


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