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8g biocube/setup


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My little blue ring passed on a couple of weeks back and I still have the tank, sad they are short lived. The only place I had for the tank was on my kitchen counter and these cheap counters are beginning to bow under the weight. Rather than deal with it I think I'd like to sell it off. Both bulbs have recently burned out and will need to be replaced. The tank is currently up and running with 2 small blue damsels and some zoa, mushrooms, paly's, star polyps, a nice little trach branching brain, and black sand. With the lights out most corals are closed up.

$150 takes it all.

Current 1/15th HP chiller that I bought used for the tank but never used..... $275 Best online price I found was $320 plus ship. will entertain offers.

Eheim 2213 canister filter $50. Best price online was $70+ $15 ship. Also included are various other medias and prefilters worth about $50 at lfs.

Total is $475 for an ultra slick cold water tank. Would be killer full of strawberry anemones. I'd be willing to part with everything in one go for $400. I'd be willing to deliver and to help set it all up for $50 extra. I'd need to get some adapters and work with the buyer as to his or her requirements, IE: tank drilling or hood adaptation. Canister filter is meant to help circulate water from the chiller to the tank.

Anyways I need to sell because the current location does not work anymore and I don't wish to set it up elsewhere. Need money for Honda 150 Dream parts to begin a couple of restoration jobs.

Will be willing to part out in a few days. I'd really like someone to buy all of this and set up a cold water tank since you just don't ever see them.

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