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Hi and Question


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I'm Aaron. I found ARC earlier today and decided to join. Looks like you guys have a great little forum going.

I currently do not have an aquarium of any type. I am thinking about setting up an aquarium... I cannot decide whether to go Saltwater or Freshwater. I have some experience with saltwater aquariums... so IDK.

My question is this:

I am looking at the Neo Nano aquariums. I have had a terrible time finding reviews about them. I read on here that the company is good, but are the tanks good?

Also if you have one.. what accessories does it come with i.e. filter, light, etc..

I could setup a do-it-yourself system, but I just like the ease of these all-in-one deals. I was first thinking about getting the Biocube, but I did some research and found out they had many problems... same with the aquapod.

Pretty much I want a system that is easy to setup and relatively worry free.

If any of you have any other suggestions on what tank to get I will gladly accept the advice.

Thanks and it is a pleasure to meet all of you.


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Hi Aaron,

Welcome to the addiction :nopity:.

Fresh water fish are less interesting in both their color and personality. Also, saltwater setups let you keep other interesting things like corals, anemones, sea horses.....

I'm not sure what problems you have heard with the Nano and Bio cubes, but many people run them and they seem to do really well. I'm one of them and for a first tank they are very nice. They help simplify things by having most everything you need to start.

The Solanas are nice tanks. They use the same nice self contained idea that the Nano and Bio cube tanks use. The Solanas are a bit more pricy right now, but they are newer to the market and have more demand. IMO the are better looking.

When you first get into the hobby there is a lot to learn and I would ask here first. You can get conflicting and confusing information from the fish stores when first starting.


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(Central and South american cichlids aren't boring, but you probably don't want to keep them in a nano.)

Those Neo Nano's sure are nice, if a bit pricey.

Check out River City and Aquatek; they both have them and I think Aquatek has one running. I know RCA has one setup.

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I used to own an Aquapod, and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to have everything "contained" within the tank and the behind the false wall. The only real issue I ever had with it was some minor heat issues, but that is common with smaller tanks.

My only word of warning is to plan ahead. This hobby is addicting, and you will probably be wanting a larger tank in the future (unless there are space concerns). I started with a 24g Aquapod, and now have a 75g tank :nopity: I truthfully would have liked a larger tank, but the 75g fit perfectly in the space we had.

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