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WTT: MH, Skimmers


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I will actually trade the MH to someone who will build a hood for my 39gl. oh and thank you for saying my skimmer is lame.

check with the sanford's they build great hoods

it is nothing personal my daughter's seaclone is lame as well,:) i think red sea prisms are lame too, i have owned both

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when you post something like that on someone's thread, you could prevent a possible trade, or give someone doubt about a trade item.

Feel free to delete this post.

Sorry If I have offended you in some way, it was all in jest, (hence the use of the smiley faces).

As for casting doubt for someone else one would hope others could think for themselves and for their own opinions, but I guess that is me,

I have told others that I wouldn't trade for Xenia because I hate the stuff....doesn't men the entire world does,...just me...

hell I'll GIVE you my lawnmower blenny, cause that is the sort of reefer I am. but seriously...relax.. and become a premium member so you can delete :D

and not to mention I never stated your skimmer was lame until AFTER you did. I just said i didn't need one...that could mean it just doesn't suit my needs (i.e. too small for my setup...which it is)

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