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Vivid Aquariums Group Order TAKE 3


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I, like everyone involved in the last vividaquariums group order was pleasantly surprised with out purchase not only with the color, but also with the amount of product we received.

So...I'm heading up another one!

Vividaquariums.com has a great selection of just about everything, including FISH so peruse their website, then place your order keeping in mind the following:

- Order closes, Sunday, May 3rd @5p

- Pickup will be @ my house, 8422 Jamestown Dr, 78758 or if we have enough people, I can coordinate a central pickup

- if we have enough "southies", I'll coordinate a southern pickup.

- minimum GROUP total order is $150. So if we don't get enough interest to have a total order value of $150, it won't go

- $225+ qualifies for free shipping, otherwise shipping is a flat $30. After the free shipping discount, they will just charge us $10 for the box. We'll split this charge among everyone involved.

- $500+ gets us a 10% discount

- Dry goods DO NOT count towards our order total

Payment works as such: I have to order and pay for everything myself. They won't let everyone pay individually then group our orders together (like @ reefcleaners.org). So I'm requesting that everyone either pay cash or paypal directly to me before 5p on Sunday, 5.3. Once I get everyone's order, I'll confirm it with them, then send the order off. PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying via paypal, be sure to add 3% for paypal fees.

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I got some spidermans that blow theirs away, but I may be interested in spliting the darth mauls, but as of now they are out.

Maybe we can pre-order them? How much would you want for the spidermans?

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we are hi-jacking this thread. keep it close to AZ's topic. I will post them when I frag them. Sorry Mark. And to stay on topic, I do want to order.

Sorry about that. We will for sure get something on this round too.

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I'm looking at the :

Cherry Bomb Zoanthids

Dragonfly Zoos

Hawaiian Tropic Zoos

I have the dragfly zoos. They aren't as purple as they are in the pic, but they might just be PO'd from the shipment. I'll let you know if they come around. I did get a mini colony tho so you get your value.

Cherry bombs...I was going to order those!

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Do you have a pic of your dragonflly zoanthids?

I don't. I'm doing 3 days of lights out so I'll take one after I turn my lights back on.

The only difference I saw between the vivid pic and them in person is that the purple is not as pronounced as it is on their site. Keep in mind, I'm running 10K bulbs though so nothing looks very "vivid"

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I've had several people contact me so it looks like we will have another great order going.

I wanted to let everyone know that if you are going to be paying via paypal, please add 3% to your order total to cover paypal fees. Hate the fees? pay with cash!

Vivid also charges us $10 after the free shipping amt is met. This fee is a "box" fee so once we have everyone on board, we'll split it equally among all.

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Looks like I am in for about $155 worth of stuff before discounts.

Here is my list:

1. $74.99 -- WSYIWYG Acropora Lokani: http://www.vividaquariums.com/10Expand.asp...mp;SortBy=Price

2. $29.99 -- Jack Rabbit Zoanthids: http://www.vividaquariums.com/10Expand.asp...mp;SortBy=Price

3. $49.99 -- Sapphire Zoanthids (4 polyps): http://www.vividaquariums.com/10Expand.asp...mp;SortBy=Price

I might add some more items add the end of the week. Let me know when a good time to pay you cash would be.

Thanks for putting this together!


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Would fish be additional shipping and handling, or would they be included if we hit the free shipping mark?

Fish is no additional s & h. We got one on the last order and it came with the corals.

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