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Vivid Aquariums coral results A+++


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Got the vivid aquariums order in today and other then them not labeling things (I was supposed to request that they label things...my bad), the results are AWESOME!

They are very generous in their fragging as the website says 8-10 polyps on some corals and we easily got 20+. I'm very impressed and would order again!

Anyone up for round 3?

Here are some pics...keep in mind I run 10K lamps so the colors are mainly washed out, yet the corals still look great!

African Blues only supposed to get 8-10 polyps!


Blue ice + tubbs blue


Here is a piece of SPS that was supposed to be 1.5-1.75"..I got a mini colony! Sorry for the crappy pic, but my camera isn't the best.


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Looks awesome... Glad the vivid aquariums experience went great! I was really close to jumping in but decided to give my tank a little break. Maybe next time!

Next might be in the next couple of days! let me know if you or anyone else are interested!

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