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Stop H.R.669


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I think Some one else posted an actricle concerning this bill. I don't wish to start a debate. If you are interseted please read below. I have provide a link to the bill info.

The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act will affect millions of pet owners across the United States. Pet birds, fish, reptiles, even hamsters will be outlawed. The proposed law could turn thousands of pet owners into criminals. Even common farm animals such as alpacas and peacocks would be outlawed under the current bill as written. Time is short. Congress is holding a hearing on April 23, and pet owners across the United States need to act NOW!

Bill H.R. 669

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I avoided replying to this but I think I can't resist now.


will everyone please stop posting this to every forum under the sun! I get why it's happening, but dang.


I saw a reply from someone recently, on MAAST I think, that stated this pops up every session and dies in committee. No change I think.

The other issue is that this will not take any currently kept species, just prevent importation of others/more. That may or may not be a bad thing.

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