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Got my Ocena Pulse Wavemaker


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I got my wave maker today. It is currently running my four Korlia 4's. I wasn't getting any polyp extension so I purhcsed the wave maker. Any suggestions on setting up the timing? I currently have it set ot 10 seconds for each powerhead.

Also need to find or mod some impeller stops. These things make a racket!


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Yes they do make a control and heads.

controller - $469

Heads - $55.00 per head x 4

I think I would rather save my $$$ for Tunze's

However with that said; I cut 1/2” pieces of black tubing I had left over from my RO install and placed the piece between the impeller to make a stop. Now the noisiest powerheads are super quiet. I will be working on back 2 tomorrow.


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