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Macro Metaculario!

John Maloney

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Spring is here! Spring is here! After a long and dreary winter, spring has arrived. Maybe not for you, but it has for us, and I couldn't be happier. (Although with the winter some of you had, this must feel like summer). Now we will have more clear days than murky, the sun is out, the tides are in and we are going to have a sale:

Buy 1 Macro get 2 Free.

Yep. BOGT.

Only for a limited time. Only at www.ReefCleaners.org. We will be adding stock from now until Sunday when the sale closes as 11:59PM EST.


NO OTHER DISCOUNTS MAY BE USED TO GET BUY ONE GET TWO MACROS. If you use a coupon code though we will allow it, but automatically reduce it to Buy One Get One macros.

No Rainchecks

No Retroactive Application (good sales got us in the mood for the sale so we can't erase that)

Offer valid in the US only.

We select all the free macros. No caulerpa unless you ask for it. Nothing potentially invasive or difficult unless you ask for it. (can't ask for a species but you can leave a note like "hey john I am not scared of some algae send whatever")

HOW TO GET THE DEAL: Make a purchase before Sunday at 11:59pm, and leave the note "BOGT" in the comments field during checkout. That is it.

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