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Natural Sunlight and SolaTubes


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I have been thinking about lighting options and came across several threads on using natural sunlight. I have seen some of the threads talking about skylights called SolaTubes. The people who used them say they have great results. They seem to be older threads, but the equipment is still available. Does anyone know much about them?

What I have found shows that they are different from normal skylights and have several advantages. They are smaller and tubular and the part that is on the ceiling looks like a canister light. The roof part reflects and focus light down the reflective tube which can be curved. The last advantage is that they are smaller and can be installed between existing roof studs. They seem to run around $300. I went by home depot and they have similar looking ones for $150. I don't know if they work as well, but could be a good alternative for those who want to go green or just have free (once installed) light for corals.

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