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48" 8x54 watt T5HO Current USA Light Fixture


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We recently switched to MH so we no longer need this fixture. It is a great light and we could use it to grow just about anything in our 55 gallon. Right now, it has 5 daylight (2 are 10K and 3 are 15K) and the other 3 are Super Actinic. The 15K daylights are only a month old. We were originally going to switch over to four 15K daylights and 4 Super Actinics, but we got a great deal on MH, so we just decided to switch. It also has white led lights that look great at night because of the shimmer they cause. It also has two built in fans, but one of them is not working. We found a replacement for around $6 online. We think it is a Nova Extreme T5HO Model #1123. We would like to get $250 for it.

Here is a link for more information:



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