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Custom Nano Cube


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Ok after a long weekend I found out I have a LOT of fishy stuff lol and the wife found most of it. So Since I'm getting out of the hobby for a while I will start the thread for my equipment.

Just a little bit of what my wife found(disregard the battery its not forsale :bigsmile:)


Once all my livestock is sold my tank,stand and sump return pump, and hammerhead closedloop pump with oceans motions 4 way will be for sale, I'm looking for $4200 if you want details I can give them or you can check my thread on reefcentral. If you would like a package deal with more equipment such as my calcium reactor, skimmer, Biomatix controller, etc.. pm me and we will work something out.

ok first thing:

my custom 12gallon nano cube and it has 144 watts of PC and T5 lighting and a 13watt fuge light and moonlights, built in chiller and overflow mod. It has been setup for a month now with no livestock in it. Has a small crack in the hood, but doesn't affect operation and is not that noticable.

paid $550 +shipping selling for $250

details from nanocustoms:

2006 Nanocustoms Modded JBJ 12DX 3.24

- Bulb Type Realux 24w Actinic Blue

- second bulb Realux 24w Actinic Blue

- third bulb 50/50

- Additional T-5 10000K Daylight

- Second T-5 10000K Daylight

- Third T-5 10000K Daylight

- Moonlight Option R2 Solution 5 LED Moonlight

- Overflow Mod - Rear Sump Lighting 7100K Daylight 13 w

- Rear PONY 118 (13-18w) Rear Sump Ballast

- Ballast Control Dual Powercord




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