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It is a sad day

Capt. Obvious

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One of my favorite fish, my scopas tang, has gone on to that big reef in the sky.

Long story short after repositioning my powerheads and return lines to create a "better flow" it disturbed my (LARGE) carpet anemone causing him to find a more suitable location.

My Scopas Tang loved to swim around darting in and out of the rockscape and knew the rockscape quite well...he could do his acrobatics at full speed without touching a single rock.

He however did not notice the anemone's new position and swooped into a tunnel at fullspeed and smack dab into the center of the carpet anemone on the way out.


4" scopas tang meet 7" carpet anemone, 7" anemone meet 4" scopas...end of story...by the time i moved the lights out of the way to attempt a rescue it was too late...all that was visible was his mouth surrounded by a frilly collar of anemone (looked like a velocoraptor).

A sad sad sad sad day...he had much character and will be greatly missed.

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I have a yellow tang I am trying to sell if you want another tang :)

Barder give the man time to grieve this was his fav. I made the same mistake when my wife's fave 6line went carpet surfing & I suggested we run to the store and find something to replace it before I even picked him up! :D Needless to say it was a bad week ! :(

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