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Marineland T5 216W HO Fixture

Bill B

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As I sometimes do when I am in the 'eager' days of a new hobby I see what seems to be a good buy and grab it. I bought this Marineland T5 HO 216 Watt used strip and then made the sad realization that it will probably be some time to come before I have another tank to put these over. I do not have 4 bulbs our it. I bought 2 to make sure 4 slots all work.

So for $100 you can have the strip and 2 Glo bulbs (14k and act blue) which are brand new or take $40 off and get the strip for $60 (and I'll return the bulbs). It is a 4 bulb strip. It has two fans built in, which are definitely not whisper quiet. There is just one cord but the switch will turn on one set of 2 the other set of two or both sets.

This is what they are www.thatpetplace.com/pet/prod/235430/product.web?gdftrk=xh23lc0p/7HDy~g3JgKLc3rITJLUeC0tAEMq9NSBK0rZI1bU9YsV7iEqFgqaymSE9RLUs8aVDyvTAGE//eYRRnMqFbQez8xKegsDt9XiwV2zZoqPwFhCFl0Sb8z8C~kh2XEUM6BfGAUyShoR9vsm/A__





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