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texas holey rock/ lace rock

Capt. Obvious

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will trade for just about anything (JUST about) the Quarter is NOT included and was only used as a size reference. Needs to be cleaned or at least sprayed off.

Use it for base rock!

For your freshwater tank!

To prop open a door!

To prevent a car from rolling!

As yard art!

To extract keys from a locked car!

To bash in someones skull!

it's uses are endless!

Let me know what you have/want to trade for it

frags would be cool...snails would be cool...that ******* fish that harasses all your other fish would be cool....live rock rubble would be cool...just whatever...offer me something and have this super awesome product!

Use it as a dietary supplement!

A poor man's weight set!

To help keep that body from floating back to the surface!

As a substitute for your "special lady friend" (wait...what?)

Ok it is late you get the picture


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