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Deltec AP701 Protein Skimmer


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2 years old. In perfect working order. I still have the original box it came in. Asking price: $800

Capacity: Normal Stocking: 380g

Heavy Stocking: 250g

Pump: Eheim 1260

Total Power Usage: 52 watts

Air Intake: 950 L/H

H2O Throughput: 475gph

Dimensions: Length: 15" Width: 12.25" Height: 23 "

The AP701 is Deltec's answer to reefkeepers' requests for an AP851 that could fit inside a standard cabinet. The AP701 produces a maximum level of air at 950L/H, but will be more efficient in most aquariums turned down to 600-650L/H using the venturi valve. This is due to turbulance in the neck of the skimmer drawing foam back into the body. On a low nutrient SPS tank however it should be possible to use all of the air as the level of foam will typically be less. Drain is standard.

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