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Pumps and a 3 gallon Pico setup


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Sedra KSP-2500 - $50

Max Flow: 250

H/Max: 7ft

Eheim 1000 Compact - $20

Max Flow: 260

H/Max: 6.5

3 Gallon Pico setup: $65

Light - 2 x 9watt 9"

Red Sea SP-800

HOB Filter

The Sedra pump is in near mint condition. I had been using it in my sump. The Eheim is in good working condition. It was located in my main display and has some coraline algae buildup but still works just fine.

I was using the 3 Gallon Pico setup for some acans and other LPS. I no longer have the stand so you'll have to rig up something for the lights. I'm taking a short break from the hobby as all my money seems to be going to a car i'm restoring.



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