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This site was recommended by a member of both DFWMAS, and your club. He had nothing less than glowing praise for your organization, so I decided to join. I live in Dallas, am a member of DFWMAS, am married, currently "between" jobs, and my tank is as follows:

42 gallon stretch hex

4 x 96w PC

10 gallon sump

50 lbs live rock

live stock: 2 mated clarki clowns (laid eggs last night), a red wrasse, a yellow wrasse and a scotter blenny

corals include: some branching hammer, frogspawn, some leathers and a large amount of zoas (collecting "named" zoas)

I'm in week three of vodka dosing so my water is pretty clean at this point....finally nitrates are low!

I look forward to spending times on your forums and catching what tips about this hobby I can.


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sorry for the late reply, been busy (lol honey dos)

had nitrates around 60 - 80 ppm.....did 10% weekly w/c, etc., but couldn't get 'trates to a reasonable level. Used AZ NO3 but that pretty much fed the cyano. Read an article in ReefKeeping (link below) about vodka dosing, and though scary, my tank is so small the beginning dosage was .15 ml. so I thought what the heck. Day 4 doubled it to .3 and for the past 2 weeks after that I've added .5 (so now I'm dosing 1.8 ml.). The carbon from the ethonal also feeds cyano and I had a breakout during week 2, but as my nitrates started falling, so did the cyano. At the beginning without the AZ NO3 my 'trates took a small surge to 30 - 40 ppm (I hate API with the amber, so I went to salifert last week). But for the last week, week and a half they have been under 10 ppm (under .5 today). No side effects on livestock (except they keep running into the glass lol j/k), but each week as I increase the dosage I get a small amount of cyano on my glass. Skimmer pulled out a lot of skimmate at first and I had to clean it daily, but now it's back to normal. I also heard the extra bacteria the vodka creates absorbs oxygen, so I took an extra powerhead and point it straight up to break the water more then just my sump return. Although criticized by some, I like to give my fish a good meal (before my wrasse took a carpet dive, I was splitting a frozen cube between 2 clowns, 2 wrasses, and a scotter blenny). This allows me the opportunity w/o nitrate side effects and is cheap, as I've been doing this almost a month and not even out of the neck of a $5 bottle. I don't drink, so I like to laugh about my fish outdrink me. Also interesting (and probably no relation) but my clarki clowns are only 6 - 8 months old and the female just laid her first batch of eggs. Maybe the vodka makes em horney.


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