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Garage sale

Robb in Austin

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Been doing some downsizing and have some extras I do not need.

I have a 29g, has lid. I also have a Coralife T5 light that will fit. I do not know the wattage. 1 bulb is a 6700k and the other is a Colormax.*Light sold

Numerous Aquaclear HOB filters. 2 50's, a few 110's. Some cheapie Top Fin HOB filters. *One 110 sold. Can spare another.

A twin bulb T8 light. Probably a 40inch model. The bulbs are wired separately, 1 ballast each. (Don't know too much about this, I got it from a guy when I bought a 75 off him.) It works though. Might make a good refuge light.

A few 10g laying around too, some with lids.

A ~30g acrylic tank, with an acrylic "canopy". See pic. http://www.austinreefclub.com/uploads/1173...71_52_47711.jpg *Sold

Open to offers. I'll leave this here for a week or so, then off to Craigslist I go.

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