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Looking For Sump, Pump, and powerheads


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I'm looking for a good sump for my 55gal, height is more or less an issue, but there is lots of lenght.

My overflow box drains at the most 300gph, and the pump would sit about 3 and a half ft below the tank, so it would need to work with that

I'm also looking for 2 powerheads, like korelieas.

I'm hoping it all could be fairley cheap, as i said, because funds are low. But at the same time im looking for quality

but i guess beggars cant be choosers:/

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I have a 30 gallon I used as a sump for my 90G. It has baffles in it with a bubble trap. Silicone came lose on 1 of the baffles, but its an easy fix. I also have a Mag 7 for a return pump. May be more than you are looking for GPH is 700 but you will have some head lose. $100 takes both. You should know that I live in Killeen so its a bit of a drive. I could try to fit the tank in my car and meet you to help save on gas.



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