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EuroReef RS-80 skimmer


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EuroReef RS-80 Protein skimmer w/pump. This skimmer works fine as it pulls out some nasty smelling solids and liquids, but I'm upgrading so I need to sell this one.

Another nice thing about this skimmer is that you don't have to lift the collection cup off the body, just unscrew the collar and you can slide it right off. Great for low clearance areas.

Original box and instructions included. Please note this skimmer will only be available for pickup after my new one arrives (should be the week of March 1st)


Specifics: (from EuroReef's website)

Rated for aquarium systems of +/- 80 gallons with a medium bioload

Sump space required for skimmer: 9" x 9"

Height: 22"

Ideal water level: 6.5" constant

Reaction chamber diameter: 5"

Reaction chamber volume: 1.02 gallons

Inlet size: .75"

Outlet size: 1.25"

Pump (included): SP2- Euro-Reef modified SEDRA KSP-3500A water pump

Pump power consumption: 28 Watts @ 115/120 VAC 60hz

Air intake: 420 lph (Open Water Flow Through)

Water Flow Through: 120 GPH +/

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