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can anyone tell me what this is


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It's some sort of starfish... lol I can tell you that much, It is VERY tiny, and blue gray on the top, white on the bottom. I've read some stars are good and some are bad, which one is this before I get rid of it or put it back in the tank! It's the small gray thing in the middle of the picture just above the bright white stop.




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Asterina starfish........The problem with this starfish, in my experience, once they eat that particular algae/detritus they will start consuming the purple coraline, others will start eating the flesh from your GSP (green star polyps). Finally, they will decimate your zoa colonies, little by little.

Now, there are hobbyists who haven't experience such problems, but why take a risk?! Once they start splitting, you will have to remove them manually or they will be out of control. IMO.


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