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Reef Roids, System Reef-resh Group Order (Finsreef)


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This group order will involve no livestock lol. I received a sample of the new food "Reef Roids" from the company Polyp Lab and was very impressed with the result. I'm proposing a group order if there is enough interest for the product. Polyp Labs also manufactures a probiotic filtration/feeding method for reef tanks that I am also interested in trying. The website for the company is www.polyplab.com and the distributor for the US is www.finsreef.com

The pricing is as follows:

Reef Roids 4oz - $19.99

System Refresh Total System - $154

The discount breakdown follows:

Reef Roids

For 24 to 47 units there is a 15% discount plus free shipping.

For 48+ there is a 20% discount plus free shipping.

System Refresh

5+ complete units are 15% off and free shipping,

10+ units are 20% off and free shipping.

Is anyone interested in these products?


Order at Present:

Thedude - 2 Reef Roids, 1 System Reefresh

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The micron size is a little big for SPS (150-200 microns) but they definitely illicit a feeding response. I think at the very least, the response would be worth feeding them. Seriously look at the System Reef-resh! The whole point of the system is to break wastes into coral usable bi-products and feed SPS both bacteria and amino acids. I recently read a study by Eric B that said SPS corals took almost 70% of their feeding energy from bacteria!


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