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I guess I should introduce myself....


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Hello, Every one, my name is Candra and I live in Ft. Hood (I hope that is okay). I am a new reefer and have a 29 gallon tank that is overstocked, but I can't help it, I love the fishies. I also have a 3 gallon FoWLR, although, it is probably too small for fish and he'll probably go to my 29 when my sons 14 cycles and I put my o clowns in his F0WLR tank. We have, in our 29, a pair of ocellaris clowns, a coral beauty, a royal gramma, a six-line Wrasse, and a one-spot foxface. We also have a few soft corals and thanks to mdavis735 we have a few montiporta digita frags as well to see how they will do with our lighting, although, I plan on upgrading in the very near future.

My seven year old son has a 14 gallon bow-front tank as well which will be FOWLR, right now it has live rock a molly and we added a domino damsel today, we'll see how that goes.

My 3 gallon has a very tiny maroon clown, and right now is FOWLR, will probably change it over to coral and inverts.

I am an army wife and mom to four kids ranging in ages between one and eight. I have been reefkeeping since February 12, when I purchased a year old tank off craigslist, wish I would have held out for a larger one.

Anything else you'd like to know about me, just ask.


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Welcome. :)

My family owns a ranch pretty close to Ft. Hood!

And yea, a bit over-stocked! But I can't blame you. :P

Well, in my defense, the o clowns are going in the 14 when it has cycled. :P And also, I plan on rehoming, either with someone else or in a larger tank in my home, the foxface as he grows, I just felt so bad for him in his 8*8 cell at the LFS, that I had to take him home with me, he was there for over a month!

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