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Corals for Sale


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While rearranging some rockwork....... a few corals got knocked off. These are the frags I have available.

Tri-color Acro from Aquatek.

This is the mother colony


One 2 1/2" frag w/multiple branches $20---SOLD

One 2" frag $15---SOLD

One 1 1/2" $10---SOLD

Green staghorn w/baby blue tips


Two 3" $20---SOLD

One 2" $15---SOLD

One 1 3/4" $10 ---SOLD

Blue Milli

This is the mother colony.


Two 1" multiple branches $10---BOTH SOLD

One 1 1/2" multiple branches $15---SOLD

Yellow/green milli

This is the mother colony.


One 3 (1/2") tips encrusted over 2" on rock. $10---SOLD

Green slimer

I have no pics of this one.

One 2" branching out. $15---SOLD

Thanks for looking.

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do you have any of the stag and slimer left?if so i sould pick up around or shortly after noon today if you are available.

PM me a package price for one medium to large piece of each, please. I'd like to see if I could make it by Sunday after I leave Starfire's house.
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Are these out of your main tank? I wouldn't mind trying the blue milli, but I remember the purple monti I got from you didn't do to well under my lighting. My tank is a lot shallower now though so I might have a better shot.

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