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New Tank/New Member Looking for Live Rock and Sand

richie reef

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Hello all,

I am new to the saltwater aquariums. I am setting up a 40gal tank that I am going to have drilled for an overflow setup with a sump and refugium.

I am looking for suggestions for the best priced/quality live rock. I noticed if ordered online it will cost me a small fortune to have it shipped. I was thinking I will need about 80lbs of rock. I found 35lbs base fiji for like $69 and 45lbs of fiji for $89 but to have it shipped it cost $110.

I am also looking at finding some sand. I have been told get a big bag of sand from River City and use that in my aquarium.

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

I will also be looking for a lighting setup over the next few weeks. I have been looking toward a compact light.

Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you in advance for your help.

Richard :D

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Hello and welcome to a great hobby. For the rock you might check out reefcleaners.org. I don't think it is "live" but you can easily seed it with a few pieces of live rock. I have heard good things about the quality. It runs $2.70/lb., but shipping is free as long as you order over 30 lbs. Wow...sounds like I am an advertisement for them.

Also, when you get your setup running I would post on here and find out if anyone with an established aquarium would be willing to give you some of their water and maybe a scoop or two of sand. All of these things will help your aquarium cycle a little quicker. What kind of live stock are you planning?

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I am looking to setup a reef tank with a few fish.

I looked at there website it look like orders over $100 is free ups shipping. Thats not too bad I assume it is $2.70 a pound.

It looks like since I am off tomorrow I will be looking for a overflow kit. I am looking to setup a center overflow and take my tank to have drilled as well.

I found a glass store to drill for $25 a hole. Does anyone know of a reliable source that would be less expensive? I found a glass company on 620.

Also, any help with finding the overflow kit would be helpful. I wouldn't think there is too much to finding the appropriate one. I was planning a 1" overflow with a dual flow.

Thanks again!

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I will stop at River City tomorrow for the order/purchase of the overflow supplies for my tank.

I also checked out the 30 lbs free shipping. I think I might go with 30lbs from there and look maybe at some other vendors as well. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for the live rock?

Also, I am looking at purchasing a sump pump. I was looking at the Model 3 MAG Drive pump from Danny. I heard they are reliable pump and a good choice.

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