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Zoas, GSP, shrooms for sale


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Please excuse the less-than-stellar photos, but I'm working with a rather outdated digital camera. All of these frags have had a minimum of three weeks to grow in, and all are showing new growth. The pictures were taken with the full tank lighting on and the camera's flash.

The first is about 10 brown buttons on a scallop shell. I've never been able to determine if they're zoas or protopalythoas, but they've done well at all depths in the tank.

Brown buttons, $10

Next, I have 8 GSP frags. They're bright neon green polyps growing from a purple/lavendar mat. The small one is about the size of a half-dollar. The three medium-sized frags are 2-3" in length and almost as wide. The three large ones are about the size of a tennis ball. The "fancy" one is the biggest, growing on a couple of rocks that have some nice burgundy coralline, some orange sponge and a decent-sized tube worm growing on them as well.

GSPs, S/M/L/fancy, free/$5/$10/$15

Lastly, I have some mushrooms that I believe are actinodiscus. They're a purple/mauve color with sky blue highlights. They've done well at all depths, but they extend more fully at the bottom of the tank. Conversely, you'll get more of the blue highlights in stronger light. The frag is circled in the photo and has two half-dollar-sized shrooms, one big one that's 3-4" and two little babies about the size of a pencil eraser.

Purple and blue shrooms, $15

WILL HAPPILY NEGOTIATE TRADES!!! I'm particularly interested in green nephthea, green slimer, pink birdsnest, blue or yellow milli and any zoas that aren't green or brown.





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