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BTA and Clownfish


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I got a BTA at RCA yesterday, and my tomato clown almost instantly paired with it. While both do good together, its just not looking as happy in my tank as it did at RCA.



Im willing to trade for a pair of clowns, or some softy frags, or another anenome clown pair, or 35$, or anything else you can offer me.

I live up in georgetown, and if your willing to trade, you have to get the anenome off the rock, and trap the clown.

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Jackson...please try to wait as the BTA is just in shock from transport and in a new tank...he was a trade in we received just on Sunday, so he has been through a lot in just a couple of days!! I would wait at least a week to let him acclimate. You will be pleased because look how your clown has taken to it already.


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