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Spike fin/Spikefin/Paradise fish/Fire Prawn goby for sale.


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I've never seen one of these for sale anywhere. I've not ever seen anything as interesting for sale anywhere. I had an opportunity to order one and I jumped on it. Unfortunately it is to small for me. I would have to empty the octo nano for me to want to keep it right now. This might be perfect for your pico tank.

This fish is known as several different common names.

I'll list them.

Spike fin goby

Spikefin goby

Fire Prawn goby

Paradise fish goby.

This is an included picture borrowed from another website. I have not had time to try and figure out a good way to take a picture of this fish.


(Note: I do not take claim for taking this photo nor do I make any extravagant claim that my fish is an LE version of this fish or the same fish in the picture, only for reference.)

This fish is small and normally retails for $125 online plus your usual $40 shipping fees. I'll offer it at $90. Don't wait to long to think about it or I will simply add it to the 75g tank. If interested get back to me quickly, I'm also accepting reasonable offers. But by 8:00pm tonight it will live in the 75g tank. I will also allow you to pick a mate for this little fish. I have either an appropriate sized candy or tiger pistol shrimp to choose from that I will give to you for free.

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