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Online Sales on JBJ Arctica 1/3 HP Titanium Chillers


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I spent the past week researching and shopping online and found a site thats is selling JBJ Arctica 1/3 HP Titanium Chillers DBM-250 for $709.00 (no tax; free shipping). That's $100-$200 cheaper than most other sites. Not sure if I can post a link, so PM me if you're interested. If I can post a link, I'd be happy to do that too.

There's a different site that is having a clearance sale on the JBJ 1/4 HP ($628.96 w/free shipping & no tax) and the JBJ 1/5 HP ($543.96 w/free shipping & no tax), which again, is much cheaper than most sites.

I only have a 75g right now, so the 1/3 HP might be overkill, but I might upgrade to a much larger tank and I didn't want to have to upgrade the chiller. Chilling a 75g with this size chiller should require minimum run-time and therefore reduced noise.

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