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34G Solana. Complete Setup


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My wife and I have come to the conclusion that this is probably not the best time for a saltwater aquarium, so after some thought I am VERY regrettably selling my almost brand new setup. I purchased everything in this setup brand new in mid December. It has no scratches, and is in excellent shape. Here is some of what you get. It really is too much to list.


- 34 Gallon Solana with dark brown stand.

- 250W MH Aquamedic pendant with 14K phoenix bulb.

- JBJ ATO with 5 gallon glass tank reservoir that fits inside the stand

- Koralia # 2

- Koralia Nano

- 150 Watt Visi-Therm Heater

- 4 Fan Combo unit, which works great at keeping the aquarium cool

- Do it yourself acrylic refugium light

- various chemicals, and test kits

- various frozen and dry foods

- Almost full 5 gallon bucket of Red Sea Salt

- stock skimmer which works great


- 2 ocellaris clowns

- McCosker’s Flasher Wrasse

- 1 large frag of purple polyp birdnest

- 1 frag of lime green birdnest

- 2 separate, can't remember the names, zoanthid colonies


- brittle sea star

- 30 dwarf cerith snails

- 12 nassarius snails

- 10 cerith snails

- 6 limpets

- 1 fuzzy chiton

- several blue leg and scarlet hermit crabs

- Lots of Chaeto with pods

- 40 lbs. of LS

- Approx. 35 lbs. of LR all of which has lots of new coraline growth

Like I said previously EVERYTHING is basically brand new. Over $1500 invested, I am asking $850 OBO

I am not, nor will I ever be, willing to part this setup out









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Awe Medi...don't do it! You'll regret it. Get rid of the SPS so you don't have to worry about tip top water right now. The rest should be pretty easy to keep....so sad!


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Sorry still not willing to part out, if this doesn't sell then I will want to keep all of the corals that are included.


I know I will regret selling this as I continue to enjoy every aspect of the system, but my family has to come first, and right now it would be easier for us if we didn't have the strain. If it doesn't sell then oh well I will continue to enjoy, but if it does then I will just have to wait until a more opportune time and start another new aquarium. Also, SPS is what I really enjoy. I don't mind the maintenance involved, and I am willing to continue to work to keep them healthy

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