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WTS LPS and SPS frag


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Tank is getting crowed. Here is what i have for you:

1.5-2 inches for $15

1) pink birdnest with purple tips

2) green slimer

3) purple digita

4) purple acro with blue tips

5) neon green frogspawn with purple/pink tips ($15/head)

6) vanilla(light greenish)trumpet candycane ($25/5heads) or a full colony of 20+head for $60

7) open brain-pink with neon greenish around mouth-$80 (my favorite) had it for 1year when fully open almost 7-8 inches

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sorry just got home and the lights are out so i am using pics from a few weeks/months ago.

open brain $80


pink birdnest $15/1.5-2in


frospawn $15/head


trumpet left and green slimer middle


Full tank shot


Forgot the name of this SPS got it at aquatek awhile back- rare havent seen them around lately $15/1.5in


sorry all green slimer are gone

I have some to find pom pom xenia if anyone is interested $15/stalk

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