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Star Grass Available!

John Maloney

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Finally after hundreds of "no sorry we can't get it", we finally got it. Start Grass, and quite a bit. Have always been able to find it nature, just not in drift, (only legal way to get it), but then we found a patch near a sand bar that gets a lot of boat traffic, and have had some mild success finding it in drift. Anyway get your dibs in, $10 a for a 5 inch or so piece. Sorry but we can just rip it out of the ground or it would be next to nothing. We want to make it available to our loyal customers who frequent the forums, and that is why we don't have it on the site just yet. We plan to sell out the first day.

Anyway the most popular grass in the hobby is now available to it. Who else did you expect to bring it to you?

Here it is:

ReefCleaners.org | Clean Up Crews and Macro Algae - Star Grass

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