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New Rock, New Thing

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Oddly enough after aquascaping this was on one of the new rocks, in almost the identical space as the original 'thing'.  :D    It is a cursed spot.

Apitasia?  Or a rock nem of some sort?

It looks different than the last one.  Last thing had clear plain tentacles and looked glassy or translucent.  This one has striping.   Looks more like a rock anemone to me.  But I'm not a biologist.

Also sent a note to TBS about it to see what their input is.


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37 minutes ago, Timfish said:

Could be a curlique anemoe

Dunno if that is good or bad but I'm leaving it for now.  :P

Enough of dipping my hands and arms in the tank today.

I'm sure fox face agrees. 

Thanks tho.

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