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Life Expectancy of a Blue Leg Pistol Shrimp

Jason Hughes

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We acquired "Snappy" in June 2017.  He/she has been living in a 20 gallon coral tank for the past five years, building a network of tunnels and changing the layout of the sand bed in general.  A quick search on the web suggests they live about four years, I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar shrimp live longer than average life expectancy?





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Love the video, looks like there's some problem solving trying to get the shrimp off the poker.  I wouldn't be surprised if their life expectancy is a lot longer.  Brittle stars supposedly have life expectancies of a few years (5-10) but I've had several live a couple decades and the oldest one I have was acquired in winter of 97-98 and was already pretty good size so is certainly a few years older than that.

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