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Hello All

Angel Hernandez

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How is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a good end of the year and amazing Christmas. I had the best gift ever, a nice pricey Trachy from the wife lol. I started my tank back in October, a 10 gal. but it quickly was to small so upgraded to a 40 gal long AIO Innovative Marine. i have a few ricordeas,candy canes, hammers, frogspawn, and torches, a potted flower, and an acan.  2 clowns, a cardinal and a mandarin dragonette. a hermit crab blue leg and halloween and 4 snails. cleaner shrimp and a fire shrimp. Always wanting to learn and expand my tank.


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Welcome!  Looks like you're off to a good start!  :D


Reef systems are very complex systems and research has shown there's a lot more going on than just dissolved inorganic nitrogen (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate), dissolved inorganic phosphorus (PO4 aka phosphate aka orthophosphate) and dissolved inorganic carbon (CO2, bicarbonate and carbonate).   Besides those basic nutrients there is also particilate and organic forms as well as particulate and organic forms of carbon.   Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC aka "carbon dosing") has been found to be a major in the health of reef systems and excess levels has more severe effects of corals than the inorganic forms of nitrogen and phosphorus usually discussed by aquarists. 


But as complex as we're learning reef systems are, don't feel overwhelmed by all the chemistry.  One of the most important things we can do to maintian our systems and see our animals thirve are consistant water changes.  I have systems and animals decades old doing just that without all the paraphenalia often touted as essential and this was before I learned how complex reefs are.  


Of course some aquarist do like to automate their systems and control system while they do add a layer of techinical complexity also provide more control for those inclined.  This thread by is a very detailed build thread by N2585722 with one of the available control systems you may enjoy reading through. 


Here's some links you may find informative (they will be included on the semester final 😉)

"Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" This video compliments Rohwer's book of the same title (Paper back is ~$20, Kindle is ~$10), both deal with the conflicting roles of the different types of DOC in reef ecosystems and are an excellent introduction to a very complex subject.  While there is overlap bewteen his book and the video both have information not covered by the other and together give a broader view of the complex relationships found in reef ecosystems

Changing Seas -  Mysterious Microbes

Microbial view of Coral Decline

Nitrogen cycling in hte coral holobiont

BActeria and Sponges

Maintenance of Coral Reef Health (refferences at the end)

Optical Feedback Loop in Colorful Coral Bleaching

DNA Sequencing and the Reef Tank Microbiome

Richard Ross  What's up with phosphate"

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You're welcome!  But just FYI, I've been keeping reef systems since the 80's and trying to understand what's going on has only confirmed a sad truth the more I learn the more I don't know. :/

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