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ASD Weekend Update! Hundreds of New Pieces! Clams, SPS, LPS, Zoas + MORE 12/10/22 SAT


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Next ASD Update and Sale will start SAT 12/10/22!  We will post Saturday, and bump this thread when new products are LIVE on the site!

Click the photo of the coral you like (will navigate you to our website), and check out!  After first shipping fee is paid for, next orders just select "Shipping with Previous Web Order", so the site doesn't charge you again for freight. 

Our Guarantee Policy is taped in each box, but you can find it here as well - https://aquasd.com/pages/policy

Our Shipping info can be viewed here - https://aquasd.com/pages/shipping

Tutorial for our Website here - https://aquasd.com/pages/website-faq-how-to-order

Check out our new CLEARANCE section here:


Are you a store or a reseller and need our products in bulk?  Please register on our wholesale page here - 


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Merry Christmas!  


For limited time, get a bonus with every Gift Certificate Purchased!  Gift Card Promo will be available till 12/25/22.  Don't miss out on this special deal for December!

Combing this deal with our discount codes = SAVE MORE!

Buy a $50 GC, get $60!

Buy a $100 GC, get $125! 


Buy a $200 GC, get $255! 


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