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WTB: Reflective Source


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Hello All, it is sad to see how slow this community has become. I guess the covid pandemic really messed many of us up. Hopefully all is on the up and up for all of us and the survival of the few can guarantee a salvation for the rest of us. All in all I started my tank back up a year ago after a three year dead stop. Back then I used to have a metal halide set up and my corals were booming. This second time around I went with LED's in specific the Tuna 360w's. I thought they would be good since I always see them at LFS stores but never realized that their tanks were shallow. I have roughly a 36x36 cube that is about 36" deep. These light are not strong enough. I still have my metal halide setup but threw away the stainless steel mirror finished reflector I used to have because I thought these Tunas would satisfy my tank. Now I am here wondering if possibly, just maybe one of you may have something I may use for a reflective surface to cast my light down. Any help from one of you surviving members would be awesome. I am located in Round Rock. Send me a PM and let me know what you have and what you'd like. Also, if any of you know a place I may be anle to purchase something like thos at a fair price, just let me know.

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Unfortunately FB has ruined many hobbyest forums.  To their detriment as it's much more difficult to track any history to see what kind of experience base a poster has or how advice actually works long term or may even be lying and it's much easier for bad or misinformation to be accepted as it's parroted around. 


As far as using a reflector on a Kessil, a "conical light reflector" is probably your best bet.  But you'll have to experiment a little to find the best distance for the reflector to focus the light.  I imagine small chain could be used to hang it off the kessil but again you'll have to experiment with it.  Another consideration is as you focus the light more you will increase your PAR levels but at the same time you will decrease the light field so a smaller area is lit up, which may necessitate needing another or more fixtures.

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It is sad, but the surest way to have activity here is to post here and use the forum.  We all put a lot of time and effort into the club and building the community here, so it is disappointing to see the traffic move elsewhere.  

The club originally started with like-minded people wanting to have a place to share and document their adventure in the hobby.  All it takes is a group to participate to start rebuilding, but it will only really happen if that is what enough people want to do.

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