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WTB - Flow / Wave pumps and controller - Tunze wave box, MP40s, Gyres


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My Tunze wave box magnets are rusting.  Looking for either a replacement wavebox, wavebox case/body (I can re-use the pump if you don't have one), or equivalent wave solution to replace it.  Up for anything big enough for a 175g.  Tunze wave box, MP40s, Gyres, ...

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On 8/31/2022 at 9:05 AM, Timfish said:

Any of these work?

I think that top magnet is exactly what I need.  I will pull it apart tomorrow to make sure I can clean it up and swap it out.  I'll call you tomorrow, Tim!

Still looking for more flow if anyone has an mp40 or other large powerhead.

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Wavebox is back in action with the magnet, @Timfish. Thanks!   Still looking for more flow if anyone has an mp40 that needs a new home.

Keep an eye n your equipment.  This magnet wasn't rusting 4 months ago when I last cleaned out the wavebox.  Was on the back side in the corner where I couldn't see it.  Found it looking for possible reason for some stn on more sensitive SPS colonies. Not sure if this was the cause, but it's out.


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You're welcome!  I would guess the iron component would be beneficial as it's critical for photosynthesis.  Not much is info about neodymium toxicity so it's a big question mark.  Boron, a third metal in most magnets, is an important micronutrient and is found in coral skeletons but it also doesn't take much to be toxic.  Not having any convienent way to test for boron replacing rusty magnets would be a good thing to avoid toxic levels. 

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