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Remaining Tank Equipment for Sale

Blake Herman

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I've been really busy and this has taken a backseat for a while, but I really need to get this stuff out of here.  I've knocked down prices again.  I have a few more things that I need to get the details on and I'll list them separately.  Everything needs to go - best offer!


SOLD - Reef Octopus Classic 200INT 8” protein skimmer (new was $320)

$150 - 60" T5 retrofit kit with 4 bulbs (x2 Coral Plus + x2 Blue Plus) (new was $400)

SOLD - Three TrueLumen 453nm 3-LED moonlights w/ power module (new was $45)

SOLD - Two LED Plant Grow Light 45W 225 LEDs for refugium (new was $60)

$200 - Two Maxspect Gyre XF250 (5300 GPH) w/ controller (new was $515)

SOLD - Tunze turbelle stream 6105 (700-3400 GPH) (new was $280 and only ran for about 6 months)

$100 - Tunze turbelle nanostream 6095 (528-2510 GPH) (new was $235 and only ran for about 6 months)

$40 - Finnex TH-S 800W Titanium Heater & Controller (new was $100 new)

SOLD - BRUTE trash can w/ wheels, lid and mixing pump, and 25' hose for water changes

600 W BRS Titanium Heater - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - was $110, but I'll take $90

Skimz SS9 Wavemaker (2370 GPH) - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - was $115, but I'll take $90

3-pack ICP Triton Water Test Kit - NEVER INSTALLED/USED - $125


I also have tons of frag plugs, chemical tank additives, a chiller, 20 gallon QT tank, etc.

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