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Bad, bad Anthelia

Bill B

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Hi all, Both of my aquariums were getting overrun with Anthelia. I fairly meticulously picked off all I could, used a steel brush frequently, etc. etc.  It looks soo much better, but I'm sure you've guess the punchline. Already I'm seeing new little heads pop up here and there. I started trying to pick them off to avoid completely tearing up the tanks again but I'm hoping for a more permanent solution.  I thought about trying to squirt some hydrogen peroixde on them. I've seen admonitions that I also kills corals but very few of my corals are really prize corals, so if I lose a polyp here and there I'd gladly exchange that for ridding myself of visible anthelia.  

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.


Bill Brister


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If you use H2O2 you can use applicator needles for weldon #3 or #4 or large bore hypodermic needles with a syrenge to target the new polyps.  This will let you get pretty close to corals without causing too much damage.  I started a couple decades ago using rigid plastic tubing and more recently steel straws to remove unwanted algae and polyps.   Using a 1/4" diameter straw with a 9/16" tubing gives a pretty good suction at the end and tissue can be scrapped and removed from pretty small areas.  A combination of the two and a little patience you should be able to remove all of it.

Here's a video using steel straws.


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